Happy Sasquatch Centennial 

Canada’s Sesquicentennial is 2017, 150 years since confederation.  Every big occasion needs a mascot; the Sasquatch seems perfect here.  Big, strong, silent type.  Loves the outdoors.  Unforgettable.  In my quest to promote the TransCanada Trail as  Canada’s big 150 project, I went online to find a Sasquatch.  Enter Ozzie ‘The Ozman’ Bigfoot.  The deal was made and Ozzie was winging his way to me from Australia.  Turns out his was a little shorter than his picture had suggested.  And I probably was not the Sheila of his dreams, but we get along well.  At least once he settled down.  You know how Sasquatch are, elusive and slipping away quietly.  The morning after he arrived, he was nowhere to be found.  Turns out he was in the garden where I had posed him the night before.  Then, preparing for our first trip out to the AB-SK border, he disappeared again.  This time he was in the bottom of the travel bin with my little wooden dancing dolls. At least now he had friends.  Returning from that trip, he was nowhere to be found.  I was broken-hearted.  I could have lost him anywhere.  Finally my intrepid partner found him riding comfortably in a bicycle helmet.  I have kept a very sharp eye on the Ozman ever since.


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